SRO Program

Conway Police Department

KHS Students Participating in the Seat-belt Challenge

The School Resource Officer (SRO) performs many tasks within the Conway School District. Not only does the SRO help ensure the safety of staff and students and enforce and investigate violations of laws on school campus, they also offer educational resources and presentations to students, faculty, and community members. The SRO gives yearly presentations to all three elementary schools on cyber bullying, and cyber safety. They also provide a DUI presentations to Drivers Education classes that are held at locally at Kennett High School.

School Resource Officers often meet with students as a resource to answer law enforcement related questions, and to informally counsel students who are in need of additional guidance. The SRO position is by far the greatest representation of, "Community Oriented Policing." Community Oriented Policing is a model of policing in which law enforcement is viewed as a community effort. This style and model of policing not only involves the SRO, it involves the school, the parents, and citizens or outside stakeholders. The residents of the Town of Conway have shown, through their support of programs such as D.A.R.E. and the SRO (School Resource Officer) program, that they embrace the Community Oriented Policing model.

Typically the SRO position is appointed by the Administration at the Conway Police Department to a well qualified candidate. SRO's then receive training both by the current SRO and through the National Association of School Resource Officers to become a School Resource Officer. This training goes above and beyond what an average officer of the Patrol Division may receive due to the intricate nature of the position and the roles and responsibilities of the position of School Resource Officer.

Currently Assigned School Resource Officer for SAU9

Richard A. Gaudreau
Master Patrol Officer
NASRO Certified - Basic SRO

Past SRO's for the Conway Police Department

D. Adam Voelbel
Master Patrol Officer
NASO Certified - Basic SRO

Richard G. Theberge, Jr
Detective/Master Patrol Officer
NASRO Certified - Advanced SRO

Ryan A. Wallace
NASRO Certified - Basic SRO

Christopher J. Mattei
NASRO Certified - Basic SRO