Project Good Morning

Conway Police Department

The Conway Police Department has sponsored Project Good Morning since 1976, initiated under leadership of Chief Allan MacLean. The program is designed to assist senior citizens of the community, who live alone, to continue living an independent lifestyle. Project Good Morning members and their families are provided with the security of knowing that the member will have a daily contact source, eliminating many concerns.

The only qualification to join the program is that the participant is a resident of the Town of Conway. Upon completion of a brief application, providing some basic statistics and information, the member is requested to call the Conway Police Department each morning between the hours of 8:00 a. m - 10:00 a.m. In the event that the Police Dispatchers do not hear from members by 10:00 a.m., they will attempt to call the member. Occasionally, members get busy or preoccupied and forget to call in. When contact can not be made by telephone, a patrol unit will respond to the residence to check the welfare of the member. Residents from surrounding towns not within the jurisdiction of the Town of Conway may also join the program as long as an agreement is reached with the Chief of Police of that town. The police department serving that particular town must agree to respond in the event contact is not made by telephone. Currently, the towns of Bartlett and Jackson are participating in the Project Good Morning program, along with Conway.

The Conway Police Department is proud of this program that has provided a superb and much needed link between emergency services and senior residents of our community. Project Good Morning has been extremely effective in aiding and assisting members during an unexpected incapacity or predicament. Additionally, department personnel are rewarded with many fond relationships, developed through the program. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the Conway Police Department for more information by calling (603) 356-5715.