Motorcycle Patrol

Conway Police Department

The Conway Police Department's Motorcycle Patrol was started in 2003. Those officers assigned to this patrol function patrol all roads within the jurisdiction of the Conway Police Department during the summer months. In order to be eligible to be assigned to the motorcycle patrol the officer must possess a valid endorsement on their motor vehicle license to operate a motorcycle, and they must attend and pass an intensive 40 hour Motorcycle Patrol Certification program. Motorcycle Patrols enhance our department's ability to detect and respond to traffic related concerns as it provide a clear view of traffic for the patrol officers and a smaller form factor vehicle to be able to maneuver through the congested North Conway and Conway traffic during the summertime. Currently the Conway Police Department possesses a 2010 Police Model FLHTP Touring Harley Davidson motorcycle used for Motorcycle Patrol.

Certified Motorcycle Patrol Officers

Sean B. McGrath
Certified Motorcycle Officer

Jaymes E. Lapoint
Certified Motorcycle Officer