Conway Police Department


Alarm Registration Form - Complete this form and return to the Conway Police Department for police and fire alarm registrations.

Commercial Detail Application - Application to be completed and returned to the Conway Police Department for commercial detail services (i.e. road construction, public event, police standby).

Complaint / Prayer for Compulsory Examination (Both forms are required, the "complaint" and the "prayer") - These forms are to be utilized in accordance with New Hampshire RSA RSA 135-C:27 when seeking an Involuntary Emergency Admission (IEA) for an individual who is believed to be suffering from a mental health related condition and is in a mental state in which he or she is a danger to themselves or others. This form must be completed and signed by a Justice of the Peace in order to be valid. If granted, the Complaint and Prayer for Compulsory Mental Examination requires that a law enforcement officer attempt to make contact with an individual listed in the IEA, take them into protective custody and deliver them to the medical facility indicated on the Complaint and Prayer. The Conway Police Department recommends contacting Northern Human Services within New Hampshire for assistance in completing this process.

Complaint Intake Form - This form is used to file a complaint against a sworn police officer with the Conway Police Department. Once printed and completed, this form needs to be returned to the Conway Police Department.

Family Wandering Assistance Application - For those with concerns about a family member who has a tendency to wander from home and may not be able to find their way back the Conway Police Department retains emergency contact information and identifying information on hand. This form includes information to assist officers in attempting to safely return those who individuals who may have wandered from their residence and cannot find their way back.

Project Good Morning Application - The program is designed to assist senior citizens of the community, who live alone, to continue living an independent lifestyle. The only qualification to join the program is that the participant is a resident of the Town of Conway. Upon completion of a brief application, providing some basic statistics and information, the member is requested to call the Conway Police Department each morning between the hours of 8:00 a. m - 10:00 a.m. In the event that the Police Dispatchers do not hear from members by 10:00 a.m., they will attempt to call the member and if no contact is made an officer will be dispatched to their residence to check on them.

Request for Discovery Materials - This form is used for request of records related to a pending criminal or violation level charge. Records related to an arrest with pending prosecution can only be requested by the Defendant or the Defendant's attorney.

Request for Records Release - This form is for records requests pertaining to NH RSA 91 A:4 and there is a minimum $10.00 fee for copies of reports which are released.

Resident Pistol Permit - Renewal/Application form for a New Hampshire Resident Pistol Permit, to be completed and returned to the Conway Police Department.

Self-Report Accident Form - The Conway Police Department will only take accident reports associated with on scene accident investigations or hit and run accident investigations where further investigation and potential criminal charges may be pending. All accidents in which drivers facilitate the exchange of the necessary information and then leave the scene of the accident are requested to use this form to self-report the motor vehicle accident themselves to the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles. If you are seeking a police report after an accident has occurred due to an insurance claim and there was no on-scene police investigation than you will be referred to this form.

Statement Form - For use in completing a written statement to be included in an accident, civil complaint or criminal investigation.

Trespass Notice - Used in conjunction with NH RSA 635:2, all requests for service of trespass notices are valid for 30 days from the date provided and discarded after that time if the individual is not located. In certain circumstances a Trespass Notice may be rejected if there is any evidence to support that the individual listed within the notice is subject to tenant rights. Return completed form to the Conway Police Department for service, or fax the form to (603) 356-8837.