Cyber Crimes

Conway Police Department

What to do if you are a victim or witness of an internet crime?

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Generally the Investigative Services Division of the Conway Police Department is tasked with conducting any follow up investigation that involves cyber crime, as it is often a felony level investigation. However, if you find yourself a victim or witness of cyber crime please report those cases to the Conway Police Department. Generally, once a cyber crime is reported, if the patrol division is unable to conduct any further investigation the case will be forwarded to the Investigative Services Division to determine if a follow up investigation would be warranted. Often times criminal actors who are engaged in online criminal activity, such as identity thefts and monetary scams, are from countries outside of the United States.

As a result, these investigations can not be conducted by the Conway Police Department as they fall outside of our criminal jurisdiction. In simpler terms the Conway Police Department has not legal authority to investigate criminal activity which does not occur within the Town of Conway, with certain limited exceptions. If a case is assessed by the Investigative Services Division and it is determined that there is no probable cause to believe the crime occurred within the Town of Conway the case will be documented and referred to the FBI Internet Crimes Complaint Center, otherwise referred to as the IC3. The case may also be forwarded to another law enforcement agency if the Investigative Services Division is able to identity that a crime occurred within that law enforcement agencies jurisdiction. In cases involving online stalking or online violations of restraining orders, generally the investigation will be handled entirely by the patrol division unless additional followup is warranted from the Investigative Services Division.

The Conway Police Department is an affiliate agency and works closely with the New Hampshire Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC). To make a report directly to the Conway Police Department involving the potential sexual exploitation of any minor child please visit or call the Conway Police Department at (603) 356-5715. Alternatively an online cyber tip can be submitted to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) through their online tip portal.


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