Alarm Registration

Conway Police Department

How do I register my alarm and what are the fees?

The Conway Police Department requires all "Emergency Alarm Systems" to be registered appropriately with the Conway Police Department. An "Emergency Alarm System" is defined as:

" assembly of equipment and devices, or a single device, arranged to signal a hazard or intrusion requiring urgent attention and to which police are expected to respond."

The registration can be downloaded by clicking here. Once completed, the registration should be delivered back to the Conway Police Department Public Safety Dispatch Center so that necessary response and notification information can be entered into our computer system. Along with the registration is a copy of the Conway Police Department Rules and Regulations pertaining to alarms.


SET-UP FEE: $15.00 (One time fee for new alarm subscribers.)

ANNUAL FEE: $25.00 Residential or Commercial (Not to exceed $50.00 for multiple locations with the same owner.)

FALSE ALARMS: $20.00 per response after two (2) free responses a year.

Important Information:

It is the general operating procedure of the Conway Police Department to respond to ALL alarm activations, including those in which the homeowner or resident requests police response to cancel prior to police arrival.