Records Department

Conway Police Department

Conway Police Department Records Department

The Conway Police Department records department is open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday, excluding certain holidays. The records department is in charge of filing and maintaining records as well as filling records requests. The records department follows all guidelines provided through New Hampshire Law, specifically NH RSA 33-A:3-a (Disposition and Retention Schedule). The following information will assist you if you wish to obtain copies of reports.

Right to Know/General Records Requests

All RTK and/or general records requests can made by submitting the necessary form, which can be downloaded by clicking here. There is a minimum fee for copies of reports of $10.00, which can be made in cash, credit card, or check payable to, "Conway Police Department." Depending on the length or amount of report(s) requested an additional fee may be requested in addition to the minimum $10.00 fee. If there is any additional fee required, you will be notified prior to the release of any records. After completing the above mentioned form, you can mail the form and check to the Conway Police Department, or visit our department and provide the form and payment in person. Reports may not be immediately available and you will be contacted when the report is available for pickup, or the requested reports can be mailed.

Accident Reports

Accident records fall under the Driver Privacy Act, NH RSA 260:14, and are therefore not considered a public record. Pursuant to NH RSA 264:25 and RSA 264:26, accident reports will only be released to an owner, operator, or passenger of a vehicle involved in said accident, pedestrian hit by a vehicle in said accident, owner of property damaged in said accident, the insurance company of any of the foregoing parties, or the authorized legal representative of any of the aforementioned. Accident reports can be requested in the same manner as listed above for FOIA/General Records Requests. Please use the form and process listed above, a minimum fee of $10.00 is also required for copies of accident reports. Generally, if you are insured, your insurance company can request a copy of the accident report for you.

Requests for Discovery

Discovery requests apply to individuals who have been arrested or formally charged with a violation or crime by the Conway Police Department. A Defendant, or his/her Attorney, can request discovery at any point after arrest when the necessary reports are complete and approved by a supervisor. If you have been charged with a violation level offense or higher by the Conway Police Department, with the exception of felony level offenses, you can request a copy of your arrest records at no cost to assist in your defense. The form for discovery requests is available by clicking here. All felony level offenses brought against a Defendant by the Conway Police Department are handled by the Carroll County Attorney's Office. If you are the defendant of a felony level case from the Conway Police Department please direct all discovery requests to the Carroll County Attorney Office.