Public Safety Dispatch

Conway Police Department

Dispatcher Rachel Fecteau

Dispatchers play a major role in providing a vital link to the scene of an emergency and public safety responders. In addition to gathering appropriate information from callers and relaying it to the responders, dispatchers supply important information and instructions to callers, enhancing the safety of the public until help arrives. The Conway Public Safety Dispatch Center is comprised of seven dispatchers. Conway dispatchers, although civilian police employees, undergo a complete background check, including psychological, polygraph and drug testing, prior to employment.

A six (6) week minimum training program is provided for all dispatchers prior to placement in the three week rotating shift schedule. Additionally, monthly in-service training provides updates and reviews of procedures. Customarily dispatch shifts are manned in teams of two, providing police, fire and medical dispatching services for the Town of Conway. The Conway Police Public Safety Dispatch Center also provides fire and medical dispatch coverage for the towns of Albany, Eaton, and parts of Madison.