Department Structure

Conway Police Department

Rank and Structure of the Conway Police Department

The men and women of the Conway Police Department pride themselves in their ability to perform their duties confidently, efficiently and with professionalism. This atmosphere spreads among our officers, dispatchers and support staff and helps foster a positive working environment. It also ensures that employees will have a drive to succeed and to constantly improve on the skills that are learned, and often ever changing, within a career in law enforcement. An important part of any professional work environment is being aware of the structure of the that environment. There are several divisions within the Conway Police Department to include:


Investigative Services



Police Administration

Within each of these divisions there is a clear rank structure with appropriate guidance and supervision. Ultimately, the supervisor of each division answers to the Chief of Police. Although the Conway Police Department is a para-military organization, a positive working environment allows for clear communication up and down this chain of command. This is important within our agency, and creates a method for consistent accountability and improvement in the services the Conway Police Department offers to the citizens who reside in, travel through or visit the Town of Conway.

Within the drop-down menu of our website you will find a clear explanation of the services each of the divisions above provide to those individuals within Conway. If for any reason you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at the Conway Police Department by calling our non-emergency line (603) 356-5715 or e-mail our general e-mail inbox at:

For those interested in a pursuing a law enforcement career within our agency, please feel free to visit our "Employment" page to learn more about any open positions, our expectations, and what the Conway Police Department has to offer to the right candidate.