DSC_5230.JPGDispatchers play a major role in providing a vital link to the scene of an emergency and public safety responders. In addition to gathering appropriate information from callers and relaying it to the responders, dispatchers supply important information and instructions to callers, enhancing the safety of the public until help arrives. The Conway Public Safety Dispatch Center is comprised of seven dispatchers. Conway dispatchers, although civilian police employees, undergo a complete background check, including psychological, polygraph and drug testing, prior to employment.

A six week minimum training program is provided for all dispatchers prior to placement in the three week rotating shift schedule. Additionally, monthly in-service training provides updates and reviews of procedures. Customarily dispatch shifts are manned in teams of two, providing police, fire and medical dispatching services for the Town of Conway. The Conway Police Public Safety Dispatch Center also provides fire and medical dispatch coverage for the towns of Albany, Eaton, and parts of Madison.


DARE, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, is a 9 week series of classes taught by uniformed police officers in the classrooms of 6th grade students. DARE is designed to provide solid information about drugs and violence. DARE officers talk about the realities of why students become involved, and the consequences of that choice. DARE students demonstrate recognition of peer pressure and better skills in dealing with it. DARE students are encouraged to strengthen family relationships and seek out solid friendships with other students who choose not to use. DARE officers discuss the importance of being involved in activities that provide fun, excitement and challenges. DARE alone cannot guarantee freedom from drugs for our kids. DARE is but one of the vital elements in the drug and violence prevention networks in each of our communities. The DARE officers of Northern New Hampshire challenge each of you to become more involved in your community. Contact your DARE officer to learn more about our programs.

Teaching Kids to Never Take Drugs

Conway Police Department D.A.R.E. Officers:

Lieutenant Christopher J. Mattei
School Resource/Master Patrol - Adam Voelbel
Detective/Assistant Prosecutor - Richard Theberge


The Conway Police Department Bike Patrol was started in 1989 through the efforts of Commissioner Jim Yeager and the donation of two bicycles from Sports Outlet, a local sports store. It is funded through a grant from the NH Highway Safety Agency that the department applies for annually. This grant funds the officer's patrol hours, with any additional equipment and uniforms being purchased by the department.

The bike patrol team is volunteer-based. Each officer is trained through a week long course at the New Hampshire Police Academy. Training consists of off-road riding, riding up and down stairs, hazard riding, and learning to pick up items while riding. The patrol area includes all roads within the jurisdiction of the Conway Police Department and beyond to include forest trails in the area. The bike patrol has been very beneficial in expanding on police coverage in such a busy tourist area. The patrol is adept in getting through traffic to answer calls and has the advantage of an approach not possible in a cruiser.

Watch for the team out on the roads on weekends from July through Labor Day!


The Conway NH Police Department's Motorcycle Patrol was initiated in 2003. The patrol area encompasses all roads within the jurisdiction of the Conway NH Police Department and is run during the summer months. Current officers of the Motorcycle Patrol unit are:

Corporal Sean McGrath
Corporal Jaymes Lapoint



Street numbers assist public safety responders in locating homes and buildings during emergencies. Do you know your correct street number? Do you have your home or building clearly numbered in the event of an emergency? Inquiries about street numbers can be made at the Conway Town Office. Street numbers save seconds, seconds save lives!